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We are a major supply chain partner in weft knitted fabric to apparel manufacturers in Asia.

Shakthi Knitting Ltd’s comprehensive knitted fabric signifies comfort and convenience for wearers and focus on product Quality and Innovation.

Shakthi Knitting Ltd is recognized in the industry as one of the largest circular knitted fabric manufacturers and has long been a driving force in the textile market through its vertically integrated operations in knitting, dyeing and finishing.

The company's strong research and development capabilities enable it to pioneer development textile technologies to give it an industry edge, as well as execute customer-driven developments. Highly skilled product development teams are an integral part of this process and ensure excellence in manufacturing and quality.

Continuous innovation, exceptional response times, competitive pricing and customer centricity had contributed to its success. Key points of focus are customer focus, time to market, quality compliance and assurance, and superior expertise and infrastructure.

Product portfolio includes new generation performance substrates and sustainable textile fibers.

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