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Colorsburg is one of India's most sophisticated facilities, specializing in the manufacture of high quality, weft-knitted, core and performance fabrics. Equipped with the latest technology to handle, growing needs of an ever changing fashion world.

Colorsburg is a major supplier to apparel manufacturers throughout Asia and apparel retailers. Amongst its customers are Marks & Spencer, Hennes & Mauritz, and JC Penny etc…

Infrastructure at the facility enables capacity to dye and finish up to one million meters a month.

As part of the company wide initiatives to adopt more environment friendly initiatives the company was awarded the prestigious Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, an internationally recognized test for harmful substances present in textile manufacture, which is now the benchmark for quality and safety amongst the textile industry in Europe.

The utmost importance is attached to in particular all waste, emission and by products in the manufacture of weft knitted fabrics to promote environmental sustainability. Colorsburg aims to minimize the environmental impact of operations by compliance with all environmental legislation. This is augmented by reducing waste generation, contamination of water, air and land and raising awareness of this policy among all employees.

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Oeko – Tex Standard 100
Organic Exchange
Global Organic Textile Standard
Dri - release®
M & S Lab Accreditation

Technology Adopted

Color Prediction, Communication & Recipe Preparation. Datacolor, USA
Dyeing Dye House Management Software Sedomaster, Belgium
Dyeing Dyes & Chemical preparation & dispensing. Pozzy, Italy
Dyeing Dyeing Machines Sclavos, Greece
Finishing Finishing Machines Santex, Switzerland
Testing Physical Testing Equipment James H Heal, UK
Testing Analytical Lab Equipment Metlr Toledo, Switzerland
Inspection Fabric Inspection Equipment Shelton, UK

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