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Bloomsburg is one of the best sewing plants in Tirupur, boasting of the best equipment and technologists to handle any international buyers requirements. Bloomsburg is proud to be manufacturing for some of the best brands and buyers in the world like H&M, HBI, Carrefour, Walmart, JC Penney, Fila, Playtex, Dim.

Bloomsburg has 3 methods of cutting to minimize wastages and get the optimum yield on fabrics- Berribie cutting for tubular, Lectra for Auto lay in addition to the Manual method.

We have both the systems for Cad and pattern making. Gerber and Lectra.

In sewing we have the Japanese machines to deliver a superior garment. Bloomsburg has a blend of industrial high speed programmable stitching machines for the various operations.

We use the GSD system to work out better efficiencies and best practices in sewing operations.

Our Industrial Engineers research and upgrade the sewing operations.

We have highly trained operators on our sewing lines.

Quality is the most important objective at Bloomsburg.

We strive to build in quality in every function at our factory.

At the end of each line we monitor our progress and use a feedback mechanism to keep the garments at the best quality.

We have a separate warehouse for finishing and inspecting our goods.

Our Workers are our most important assets.

We take utmost care in keeping them happy. Bloomsburg provides a clean, healthy and spacious environment to work. We have good canteen and first aid facilities inside our factory.

A Crèche is provided for the working mothers.

A playground is also provided for the workers for some sports loving workers.

We work hard to make our facility the best in the business. All our clients are our references.

Bloomsburg produces 40,000 quality garments every day.

Bloomsburg is a WRAP facility in addition to being Organic Producing and Oeko-Tex Standard.

It is also an approved facility for the likes of H&M, HBI, Carrefour, Walmart, DBA.

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Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP)
Oeko – Tex Standard 100
Organic Exchange

Technology Adopted

Color Prediction, Communication & Recipe Preparation. Datacolor, USA
Dyeing Dye House Management Software Sedomaster, Belgium
Dyeing Dyes & Chemical preparation & dispensing. Pozzy, Italy
Dyeing Dyeing Machines Sclavos, Greece
Finishing Finishing Machines Santex, Switzerland
Testing Physical Testing Equipment James H Heal, UK
Testing Analytical Lab Equipment Metlr Toledo, Switzerland
Inspection Fabric Inspection Equipment Shelton, UK

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